We are committed to the success of the families we serve.

Head Start and Early Head Start provide a scope of services and level of passion that is unparalleled.

The founders of Head Start understood that learning is not purely a cognitive exercise--children cannot learn when they are hungry, or sick, or too worried about their home situation to concentrate in school.  Head Start emphasizes not only children's cognitive development but also their social, emotional and physical development, and has a very strong parent involvement component.

Early Head Start serves pregnant women, infants and toddlers.  The first three years of life are critical in children's brain development.  Positive impact must start early.


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more than 40,000 kansas children under the age of five are living in poverty. 

As financial inequality increases, more families are unable to overcome the risk factors that perpetuate multi-generational poverty.  Head Start and Early Head Start programs are supported by federal-to-local funding.  In the past, funding has limited enrollment to less than half of all eligible children nationwide.  During the 2014-2015 school year, Kansas Head Start and Early Head Start served 9,975 families and 11,053 children.  

only 41% of three- and four-year-old Kansas children had access to head start

only 9% of kansas children under age three had access to early head start


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Parents are their child's first and most influential teachers.  Head Start's success is based upon the creation of compassionate partnerships between Head Start staff and parents on behalf of their children.  We work with families to remove barriers to their success and to deepen their ability to support their children.

head start engages in meaningful partnerships

Head Start connects and partners with local schools, local providers of child care, state and local preschool initiatives and other community service providers for families on behalf of those most in need.

head start practices continuous improvement

Head Start providers maintain our commitment to continuous quality improvement, constantly seeking more effective approaches to meeting the needs of the children and families we serve.  Using evidence-based methods and field-driven research, we continue to improve our practices and the quality of our programs to fit current challenges.

head start is a national laboratory for early childhood success

Head Start performance standards define quality consistently across classrooms, programs and states.  These standards represent the highest expectations for services to young children in Kansas and in our nation.

head start faces challenges

Studies show that toxic stress alters brain development resulting in children who are less prepared to enter school ready to learn.  High quality early education services have been demonstrated to mitigate the negative impact of toxic stress and adverse experiences.  It is impossible to produce long-lasting positive outcomes by treating a child in isolation.  By engaging the entire family and providing quality programming, Head Start has helped children and their families get a better start.

The Help We Need

we need you

how you can help

Volunteer:  Contact your local Head Start program for volunteer opportunities

Be An Advocate: Call your state and federal representatives and let them know how important investment in early childhood education is to you.

Donate: Consider donating to Dollar-Per-Child, your local Head Start and Early Head Start programs or the Kansas Head Start Association.

We have taken up the age-old challenge of poverty and we don’t intend to lose generations of our children to this enemy of the human race.
— President Lyndon B. Johnson, Remarks on Project Head Start. May 18, 1965