How would you tell your story?

A powerful public story is a story that speaks to many people and calls them to action. It includes three elements:

  • A Story of Self
  • A Story of Us
  • A Story of Now

A powerful public story also:

  • Grabs Attention
  • Identifies a Need
  • Describes Satisfaction of that Need
  • Helps your audience Visualize taking action
  • Includes a specific call to Action

Each spring, KHSA travels to Washington, D.C. with a select group of parents who will participate in the National Head Start Association's First Advocacy Training.  The day-long training helps these parents share their stories with local, state and federal officials. After the training, the parents meet with their federal senators and representatives to tell their stories and advocate for their children, for education, and for Kansas Head Start and Early Head Start.  There is also time for tours of the White House, the Capitol buildings, national monuments, and even a few museums or gardens.  

Parents trained as First Advocates help recruit other parents interested in the welfare and education of Kansas children while continuing to tell their stories locally and nationally.

how would you tell your story?  

Pictures from the Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 Parent Advocacy Trips.  Parents attending 2017's trip were: Brook Klassen, Daniel Mesecher, Kim Baumfalk, and Travis Lawrence.  Parents attending this spring's trip were: Treasure Blake, Elisa Chavez, and Patricia Hall.