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We believe that every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, deserves equal opportunities to succeed.  We advocate for policy and institutional changes to make sure that our most vulnerable children and families have the tools they need so they will succeed.

We Need Your Help 

As income inequality grows, the need for Head Start and Early Head Start grows, too.  It's important that we remind legislators at the state and national levels, who may overlook early childhood education in their busy days, about how much Head Start and Early Head Start has to offer.  This giving season, you can help the Kansas Head Start Association and the National Head Start Association educate our elected officials on the importance of early childhood education and care.  Find out more about Dollar-Per-Child Campaign below, and then click the donate button to get started.  


Why Dollar-per-Child?

Millions of children in the United States are in desperate need of the window of opportunity for success that Head Start and Early Head Start create.  Our advocacy efforts raise awareness of their need and help to keep the window open for more children.  For just one dollar for every child currently enrolled, we can ensure that the voices of Head Start children and their families are heard loudly and clearly.


Where does my dollar go?

Our advocacy efforts are funded exclusively by Dollar-Per-Child contributions.  

Your dollar:

  • Enables parents, families, and alumni to tell their stories about the importance of Head Start in their lives and communities
  • Ensures a Head Start presence in both the Kansas Capitol and Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.
  • Builds nonpartisan relationships with Head Start Champions among both state and federal senators and representatives.
  • Expands a local media presence for Head Start.
  • Provides exposure for local voices.

How can I donate?

There are two easy ways to donate.  



  • By check, payable to:

Kansas Head Start Association

Dollar-Per-Child Campaign

932 Massachusetts St., Suite 301

Lawrence, KS 66044


  • Want to donate to KHSA while doing online shopping or simply want to make a general donation?  See our Donate page.  Sign up for our Friday e-mail blasts on the same page!


Can I Have My Own Dollar-Per-Child Fundraiser?



Absolutely!  Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Making the Case for Dollar-Per-Child (a resource from the National Head Start Association (PDF))

The Dollar-Per-Child Campaign Toolkit (how-to with ideas and more)