Kansas Cavity Free Kids

Helping children enter Kindergarten cavity free...and ready to learn!

Tooth decay is the most widespread chronic disease that affects children and the most common unmet health-care need.  Untreated oral disease can have a lasting impact on overall health, social and emotional development, and a young child’s ability to succeed in school. Kansas Cavity Free Kids is committed to improving the oral health of pregnant women and young children through improved access to care, advocacy, and education for all.

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Keeping kids cavity free is everybody's business

Whether you are a teacher, cook, bus driver, caregiver, health professional, or friend, there are things you can do to help children get or stay healthy. Download this Tip Sheet (PDF) for some great ideas to get you started including:

  • Be aware of changes
  • Help children receive professional dental services
  • Encourage health foods and eating habits
  • Encourage parents to help their children brush

oral health education resources

The more we know about dental disease, the easier it is to make changes that keep our mouths healthy. We have spent 5 years developing materials and workshops that are fun, simple and effective. Surveys of users have shown that they are more confident and more likely to share this important information with others. Let us infect you with our passion!

Teeth for Tots Oral Health Resource Guide is a curriculum designed for those who support families and caregivers of children birth to three. It contains 15 full color modules filled with evidence-based information on a wide variety of topics related to oral health in young children. Home visitors find it easy to use, providing many ideas for conversation starters, demonstrations, and colorful handouts to leave behind. 

Each module contains background information that is concise and easy to read as well as a sample agenda that is easily customized to fit the situation. Supplemental handouts and useful reference information supporting the use of the Teeth for Tots Oral Health Resource Guide are provided and maintained online.

The Teeth for Tots Oral Health Resource Guide is presented in both English and Spanish.


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Our education materials

Early childhood professionals are always looking for quality handouts to leave with parents to reinforce education. Based on the research provided by literacy experts, Fast Facts contain simple words and lots of white space, making reading easier; while bright graphics keep the reader engaged. Fast Facts are a collection of issue-specific oral health fliers. They reinforce the oral health information provided by home visitors and educators so that families are encouraged to increase the frequency and consistency of good oral health practices.  Fast Facts are two-sided: English and Spanish.  A Keep Your Child Cavity Free refrigerator magnet (English only) is also available.