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board of directors

KHSA is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors, composed of Kansas Head Start directors, staff, parents, partners and at-large members.

KHSA Board Members:

  • Pamela Black, Head Start Director
  • Pam Everett, Head Start Staff
  • Julie Figgs, At Large
  • Scott Henson, At Large
  • Stephanie King, Head Start Parent
  • Lesa Larson, Head Start Director (President Elect)
  • Shanna McKenzie, Head Start Director (President)
  • Beth Nichols, Head Start Consultant
  • Sandy Patchen, At Large
  • John "JD" Rios, At Large
  • Kellie Savage, Head Start Parent
  • Janet Thayer, Friend
  • Kassi Townsend, Head Start Parent
  • Ex-Officio Members:
  • Joanie Burke, Head Start Director (Past President)
  • Peggy Kelly, Executive Director KHSA
  • Kimberly Kennedy, DCF Head Start Collaboration Coordinator

Region VII Head Start Association Representatives:

  • Sandy Patchen - Friend
  • Kim Sill - Director
  • Terry Wilson - Staff

National Head Start Association (NHSA) Representative:

  • Kim Sill - Director