Opportunities abound for parents to take on leadership roles within the Head Start organization. Parents also benefit from the resources and guidance each program provides to Head Start families, enhancing parenting skills, career building and community connections.

Teachers and other staff members find Head Start a rewarding career opportunity in which they can make a real contribution to the future of children who might otherwise have difficulties in life. They also enjoy the collegial and nurturing atmosphere Head Start programs provide. Positions include teachers and teacher aides, nutritionists, social workers, program administrators and coordinators, food service workers and transportation aides.

Volunteers are also an integral part of the Head Start team.Volunteers help in the classroom, the resource center, the kitchen and on field trips.

Grandparents are a wonderful resource for Head Start children,and many volunteer in these capacities, using the opportunity to help and to establish a stronger bond with their grandchildren.

Head Start is always looking for community partners. It might be a business, a professional service provider or another agency whose involvement would enhance service to children and families.

To find out if there are volunteer options available at your nearest Head Start program, see our Location page for contact information.